Saturday, January 19, 2008

The latest in doggie fashions!

The cape!

This trend was born when mama scheduled Tilly for a bath and haircut in the dead of winter and after a party and while she went out of town. Of course, dad bore the brunt of her disdain for our evil plans. She even had the gall to sit in the red corduroy chair WHILE RYAN WAS IN THE ROOM. And then just looked at him like, whatcha gonna do about it, buddy? He shooed her out. I said, welcome to my world with teenagers. Sigh. Anyway, he noticed that she was shivering so he took out my down throws from Target and started putting them over her when she's in bed.

Often she'll get up and although she hates sweaters and other things like that, she doesn't shake off the throw. She walks around with it flowing behind her like it's some kind of ermine-trimmed cape. It's hysterical!

It's exhausting being a style icon!


Zolafan said...

how the hell does she keep it from falling off of her?

Shoeaddict said...

Oh, Tilly! I know, I know... being fabulous is so tiring.

Kate said...

It's very, very light so it just floats along the floor.

It's still pretty impressive. ;)

K in the Mirror said...

That is awesome.