Friday, January 25, 2008

Lithium: day one

So, I was supposed to start taking the lithium last night. I laid out all my pills on the bathroom counter like I normally do. And they were still sitting there this morning when I woke up. I really and truly forgot them. Shut up, Sigmund.

So, I started this morning. I did not take my regular prenatal vitamins that I've been taking for the last 2 years or so. I figured there was only so much nausea I could deal with. Those suckers make me nauseated like no one's business, but they're great vitamins and they keep me eating breakfast (fights the nausea), so it's all good. But I couldn't bear it this morning. I got to school at 7:30. The entry bell rings at 7:30, my contract day starts then. I am never that late. Well, obviously not never.

I did my spiel with my 1st period class and set them to work. I was feeling okay, but out of it. Towards the end of class we went over their work and I was feeling okay. Not good, but okay.

2nd period was my planning time and I went down to the lovely warm "room" off the library with the vaulted ceiling, warm recessed lights, and a wall of windows. The librarian came in and apologized that they were going to be making noise. Banging on metal shelves noise. To prepare for them to enclose the area, lower the ceiling, put in HVAC that won't ever work, and make the front half into a teacher's lounge and the back half into our work area. So, they're going to put me into a little cave with horrible a/c that either doesn't work or freezes me. The whole entire school has been a mess for over a week now--one classroom has been 58 degrees this week. I am not making that up. Oh, and did I mention the part about losing the window? And one of the idiot kids doing the banging says to the other, this is a great idea because no one ever uses this room. Hello! There were a bunch of us in there! There are always people in there working. I DO NOT HAVE A ROOM. I have a freaking cart. Can I keep my nice little, warm space? Oh well. You pay for leaving the ghetto.

3rd period was bad. I was feeling dizzy and out of sorts. And oh, so nauseated. I was having a really hard time talking and the words were swimming on the page. I mostly made the kids do workbook pages because I am an excellent teacher like that. I made it through that class period and through the next. One girl chose that day to ask me as I was starting instruction if she could go get a sip of water. I told her I was starting. (I'd already waited for 5 minutes for her to turn around and shut up.) She got belligerent, starting yelling and ultimately walked out. When she came back in, I told her to go to her principal's office. I emailed him and asked if she arrived. I forgot to follow up in person later, but methinks I will be writing her up for skipping the entire class.

And during 4th period, the a/c is making horrifying noises, blowing gale-force winds. By the end of class it was actually making booming noises. It was freaking the kids out. And obviously, I was not having any of it.

Lunch was okay, but the lunchroom was full of subs. The kind who want to chat. Also, one who got too close to me. I wish there was some way I could tell people to give me an extra-wide berth right now. So, I went out and hung out with another friend for a little while and after the 30 (I am NOT making that up) kids in her room drove me batty I went back up to the lunchroom and my friends were all there.

After lunch, 5th period was mouthy as usual. That's the trailer class. One kid came in 15 minutes late and wanted to perform for me and the clas. Hush, everyone else is taking a quiz. I just shut him down every time he tried to talk. About 5 minutes later he handed me his quiz and said his mom was outside waiting and he was going to have to go. I didn't try to stop him. I didn't get into how he knew. And then later in the day I was doing attendance he wasn't on my roll anymore. And the system doesn't tell you where they've gone. They just vanish. Although the sweet pregnant girl who came in today wasn't on my roll either, so who knows. And then the system crashed I didn't enter attendance for my last class.

6th period was okay although I went over the stuff with them and then set them to work and just ignored them almost the entire time. I felt badly about it, but didn't have the energy to do anything about it. They were nice and responsive when I went over the answers with them right before the bell.

7th period I was off and I went and talked to a teacher from my team about the test we're giving Monday and some other stuff like that. I made it up to the library and did paperwork, cobbled together a new Beowulf test for my trailer class, chatted with a friend as I waited for the attendance system to start working (as previously stated, it crashed and it was 4PM on Friday).

I drove home and since it was raining, the traffic was terrible. I have given up on trying to understand why people can't drive in rain here. I'll bet the freaking RAIN FOREST has less days of rain than we do. But the minute there's a drop of rain everyone starts running into each other. Okay, they do that on normal days, but EVERYONE does it when it rains. So it took me forever to get home and once I was here, I turned on the heat, texted Ryan to see where he was and pre-heated the oven. I made little red potatoes that I quartered and tossed in olive oil and spices and baked, chicken breast, and some steamed corn. Mmmm. Yes, mom, I know there were no greens and both corn and potatoes are starch. But it was tasty and I drank a big glass of milk with it.

After dinner, I just sat like a bump on the couch and caught up with my messages boards and blogs and watched TV. And drank lots and lots of water. My lips have been all dried out all day and my froat hurts like it's all dry. My head hurts like I have the flu.

So, I am okay so far. Hopefully I'll get my own lane in the pool tomorrow morning. We'll be there with our faces pressed against the glass the minute the club opens. At 8, which now seems late to me. And then home for breakfast. Too bad we don't have any maple syrup because Ryan would make French toast. Our cupboards are kind of bare right now. We need to shop and also we're hard-core about no snacks and we're even OUT OF CHOCOLATE. And have been for about a week. I have had chocolate milk a couple times. Purple milk! (Skim milk plus Hershey's Special Dark syrup) But some nights THERE IS NO DESSERT. Tonight I had a tiny amount of coffee ice cream I found in the freezer and some syrup on it. I flung part of it on the floor and part of it on my pajama top. Yes, I'm a little out of it.

So, I'm hanging on. So far so good. Staying optimistic. A friend gave me her number so I can call and talk to her hubby who's been taking lithium for a while and loves it. I don't think I would call, but it's nice to know that's there. And he did say that for about 4 days he felt like total and complete shit. Flu sick. And then after that, he just felt bad for a while and now he's great. So, although I am hoping I don't feel that bad, at least it's nice to hear it should PASS. And now I should go to bed. Not that I'm tired. Sigh.


Julie said...

I have no advice to offer on Lithium, but as far as pre-natal vitamins and nausea, I always heard that it was best to take them with dinner. That's what I did and it kept me from having nausea. I also think having a full glass of water with them helps.

Kate said...

Thanks, Julie--that sounds like a great idea! We eat at home almost all the time so I can just keep the vitamin bottle next to the sink. That's where Ryan keeps his. (well, in a drawer next to the sink) Plus, I'm more awake then and less likely to forget. =)