Friday, January 04, 2008

Manic Blood Donation Challenge

And no, I don't mean that because I am manic, I am donating blood. They don't want it. I lived in the UK for too long in the 90's and they don't ever want my might-have-mad-cow-disease blood ever again. It annoys me to no end. I used to donate blood and it didn't hurt too much and I always felt so good about myself afterward. Of course, the time I spent in the UK, selfishly, does seem worth whatever cost it now has.

Manic Mom is having a contest with CA$H PRIZE$. Donate blood because it will save a life or a few lives. Donate blood because you should. Donate blood because you can. And if you can and do, take picture and send it to her and she will enter you in her contest.*

*Her contests aren't bogus. I know this because I am a past winner. I won chocolates, which was almost as good as money. Possibly better.


Shoeaddict said...

I cannot give blood, either.

Manic Mom said...

Hey Kate! Thanks for promoting this! I really appreciate it!

Loni said...

mmm, chocolate... :)

K in the Mirror said...

Nope, can't donate either. So silly. I wish I could.

Manic Mom said...

Sounds like you've got something sneaky up your sleeve... a needle perhaps! Hee hee!

Hey Kate readers--there's big money involved! BIG MONEY!!! Three-digit cash prize!!! Whoo hoooo!!

Thanks for everything Kate!