Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Party post mortem post

Heh heh. That title just tickled me in its repetitive redundancy.

We stayed out late last night with our friends playing Mexican Train Dominoes and splitting a bottle of champagne 7 ways. We did already have lots of delicious food and wine and I managed to flip a flute onto the tile floor and shatter it. Luckily it was one of those 8 for $10 kind of glasses and everyone was very nice about it. I ended the evening flat on my back on the floor trying to put my very high heels on (and failing). Legs up in the air, laughing hysterically. I was wearing jeans, so at least I wasn't flashing any skin, just a loss of dignity. And it was photographed. Yikes. Okay, it was funny and something I would do sober.

We woke up early this morning and finished cleaning the house and getting ready for our party. People started trickling in a little after 1 and then started pouring in. We had a house full of people and we were trying to put out all the fruit and make the eggs and Ryan made lemon madeleines and coffee and... it was a HIT! Everybody seemed to like the food and enjoyed each other. We really have some great friends. The last folks left before 7 and less than an hour later we were resting in our immaculate house (barring the 3rd floor).

Life is good. I have some resolutions this year regarding my health: physical and mental. Otherwise, it's business as usual. Try to be a better person and just enjoy life as it comes. Oh, and maybe get knocked up this summer. ;)


Junebug said...

That whole very high heel story is making me laugh! Also, it seems a little scary!!

zydeco fish said...

Happy New Year. Good luck with the last statement :-)