Monday, January 07, 2008


Trileptal is the latest in my brain candy arsenal. Stopped the Cymbalta and on this alone since I was so manic I was about to jump out of my skin, punch someone, and/or hurt myself. I was on 150mg twice a day. Doc just bumped me up to 300mg twice a day with the possibility of switching to something stronger/quicker (Abilify). There are various reasons I am hesitant to switch (weight gain, blood sugar issues, low blood pressure). Only problem is possible hyponatremia with the Trileptal--half marathon is Sunday! I take my own fluids with electrolytes (Gatorade) and GU and Shot bloks have it, too, so I should be fine. Now I just feel exhausted and depressed, but still pretty crabby and irritable. Boy, oh boy, do I love my brain.

In other news, school started again today. You know, that whole job thing. I did enjoy my two week vacation. And instead of my one sophomore class (that drove me up a tree) I'm teaching a trailer course for seniors (i.e. an English 4A class for those who failed the fall semester), so I have all seniors and I can be as bitchy as I wanna be with them. Ryan's response to their comments/complaints about having already read something?

Reading it "again" implies that you read it a first time.


Seriously, their semester grades were in the 50's and (low) 60's. I checked all of their grades, but of course, some of them I knew already since I taught them in the fall. One of my students turned in NOTHING the last six weeks. He didn't take his Macbeth test, he didn't write the essay portion of the final. And he dared to whine that he has me for this class and then the regular spring class the next period. Haha. Ms. T for 2 hours in a row. Maybe you should have come to class...

I'm off to bed. Please to not worry, dear readers. I am okay. I am going to be okay. And my doctor is closely monitoring me. Plus, Ryan watches me like a hawk. These things take time.


Shoeaddict said...

You know I'm here. I start my Wellbutrin tomorrow AM.

::cross fingers::

I'm still not talking- the voice is actually worse.

Feel better :)

Kate said...

I would say that you should call, but maybe chatting/texting is a better option. So sorry that your voice is worse!

Prayers for a smooth transition to Wellbutrin!