Saturday, January 19, 2008

What do you want from me? Blood?

Why yes, yes I do.

Since I can't donate blood and Ryan has been whining about wanting to do it, I "encouraged" him to do it this weekend so he can enter Manic Mom's contest. Her contest has been extended through Valentine's Day, so there's time, but I figured "we" should just do it. Plus, that would mean much less nagging. Not that he needed it, especially after I said that he could give them my phone number so they wouldn't be incessantly calling him.

We went swimming this morning and then went to La Madeleine for breakfast. Ryan's appointment was for 11:45 and it was already almost 10 and we were out and halfway there so we went and showed up early. Apparently if you're only donating whole blood you don't need an appointment anyway and they weren't begging for platelets for his blood type today. He's done that before and said that if he did that I had to come in with him. Without a book.

They took him back to ask him all the questions and test his blood. He passed all that with flying colors. Apparently, his iron was very high, which is good since he just ran a marathon Sunday!

Here he is. Not in pain or anything, just not big on smiling for the camera. The blurriness at the bottom of the picture is this little mechanism that shakes the bag back and forth. Pretty cool.

Before we knew it, he was done, he got a small KitKat and we were on our way. I'm so proud of my boy and appreciate that he gave since I can't!
If you're eligible, please go donate! Everybody's doing it...


Manic Mom said...

Awww! And how cute that he got a small Kit-Kat afterward cuz you're a small Kit-Kat too!!!


thanks for the generous blood!

K in the Mirror said...

I love that he said you had to go in there without a book. He knows you so well.

Kate said...

It's true.

I brought a book in my bag for after the half marathon for pete's sake. :)