Saturday, January 26, 2008


do I hear a saw down in the garage? What's he building down there?

I am in no way complaining. Just wondering. And too tired/lazy to go down and investigate.

In other news, we went swimming for 45 minutes today. The Jumper was there and jumped in next to Ryan and he just gave me this look like, "What did I just see?" And I just nodded. I was irritable (!) the other day, but I didn't exaggerate that.

No one asked to share my lane and I ignored the gross bandage on the bottom of the pool and swam there for about 25 minutes before a better lane opened up. After we were done we went and sat in the hot tub for a while. Ahhhhhhh... After that we showered, went to Kroger to buy some maple syrup and then home for breakfast. French toast!

Now I am lying on the couch in my jammies, fighting nausea. I am going to try Julie's suggestion to take my vitamin with dinner so this just the lithium. My head also feels like it's going to fall off my neck. So far so good. I need to get more water. And pee. Again.

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