Monday, February 04, 2008

Headache, headache, go away!

I had a much better day today. I actually made it through a whole day of work, for one. When I got home, I was feeling crummy, but Tilly and I went for a run. Just 15 minutes, but you have to start (back) somewhere. I'm also having pain in my legs. Basically, from my waist to my ankles. Constant. Since at least Sunday morning. It's like the IT-Band pain. And it doesn't let up. Well, I didn't notice it while I was running. 15 minutes of relief. And I've been stretching.

And then, I found out that...



Is that the best news ever? Yes, all that pain I was in last week was not dulled by any medicine. Beautiful, glorious news. Who needs Advil or Aleve? (I CAN'T have those) Okay, they don't help with the inflammation if it is an IT band issue, but it will help with the headache. Which is back. Again. Argh.


AlaneM said...

That is great - yay Tylenol!! BTW, I just checked out the easter egg game, oh boy. I get completely obsessed with that kind of game. again....and again!!!

Loni said...

I'm sorry for your headaches. I hope that Tylenol works wonders for you!

Kelly said...

For some reason the first thing that came to mind when I read this was that scene from "The Bird Cage" where Nathan Lane is talking about the "Pirin" tablets that the housekeeper has been giving him!

Kate said...

I know--that game is the worst!

I would have taken those pills from the housekeeper (my favorite character in the movie)!