Thursday, February 28, 2008

Headache Remedy HC

Take about a pound (or two) of hair off your noggin. Much less pulling at your temples and neck. Ah, relief.

I went and got my hair colored because it was BAD. I have huge streaks of it all over my head. Sigh. This color is very like my own and it has some depth and doesn't look all one color.

For comparison, before:And after:

Granted, my hair is never that smooth and straight in real life. It's wavy and unruly and frizzy and it does not lay down. But that's okay. I like it. And now that it's lighter on my head I am so much happier with it. Seriously, people. I was breaking teeth off hair clips and busting those grippy hair bands because it was so heavy.

I'm going to go back Tuesday to play with the styling (curlers, curling iron, products) and possibly cut some more layers. We were both terrified that once freed of the ridiculous weight it would dry and spring up and be ridiculously short. Tomorrow when I let it air dry it will be shorter than this. And I like it. (It's a little longer in the back)

Now that my head's in a better place it feels good to have this physical weight off and have a new look. Yay!


K in the Mirror said...

Oh, I love it! My favorite thing about a new haircut is the first time you wash it and run your hands back like you're used to doing and there's nothing there. It feels so free. :) I'm a dork I know.

See you soon!!

Zolafan said...

what's weird is that I'm so used to seeing you with your hair up in a bun or whatever that I really never got the sense of it being too long. can definitely see the difference in those two pics, very nice.

"I went and got my hair colored because it was BAD. I have huge streaks of it all over my head. Sigh."

by "huge streaks of it," I'm assuming you mean gray hair, right? Totally agree, only a moron would let their hair go gray. ;)

one last joke - hate to say it, you still don't look like Miranda Otto...

Loni said...

I too, have done this. You don't realize how heavy hair can be until you cut off it's weight. I am glad that your head is feeling better, and your hair looks lovely. :)

AlaneM said...

Very cute!
Many years ago my hair was down to my butt & we cut it off to sholder length. I felt like my head was floating for a week! I've got thick strands of hair & lots of it so that made a huge difference in weight.
Enjoy your new look :)

Lainey-Paney said...