Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I feel better!

Hip, hip, hooray!

I started to feel better on Friday. I was craving chocolate in the worst way, which is always a good sign. I didn't have any abdominal issues and I totally didn't feel nauseated. Hurrah!

Saturday we went to work out and I did 70 minutes of cardio. Since hydration is so important on this medication, I decided to weigh myself before and after working out. I actually gained 1.5lbs. Ryan's response: "The scale is broken." But I drank 750ml, which is about 1.6lbs. so that's actually possible. I just slightly over-replaced what I lost in sweat.

After Ryan dropped me off at the psychiatrist's office. She was concerned that I still was not feeling good, so although she will increase the dosage on the lithium, she wanted to wait until I was feeling better. She did increase the Lamictal. I'm not feeling too bad. I am exhausted, but I suspect that has more to do with 5.5 hours of sleep most nights. I just can't go to bed early and the evil alarm goes off at 5:30. Blerg. My next appointment is in three weeks, but I am supposed to email before then to check in.

After the shrink appt., Ryan picked me up and had Tilly in the back seat. I do not know what is cuter than my doggie in my green Beetle. She had an appointment for a check-up and something else which is truly foul and I will not share. We were almost there and they called to let us know that no one was in that day and we'd have to reschedule. Argh. This after putting me on hold for 13 minutes when I made the appointment and saying I had to drop her off in the morning on a school day. They "open" at 7, get there maybe at 7:10, and I have to be at school at 7:25. And Ryan's taking the bus so he can't do it. So anyway, she has another appointment this week.

Other than that, life is pretty quiet. I'm going for a 6 mile walk with a friend after school today.

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Loni said...

I am sooo sooo happy you are feeling better! Just keep hangin on, hangin on. You can do it!