Sunday, February 17, 2008

Let them eat cake!

We took dinner over to our friend last weekend and Ryan suggested that we should make a cake since it's her birthday this weekend. So, we got some 6" cake pans and I dragged out my great-grandmother's decorating kit. I'm a little afraid of the pastry bags since they're some kind of fabric and could be 100 years old. Or 50.
Look at all those tips! And I even have her recipe for buttercream. The back side of the card has another recipe that she wrote in pencil is awful.
I used my mom's recipe (butter, vanilla, confectioner's sugar, and milk) and forgot the proportions and ended up with too much milk, so it was very soft. Oh, and all the cocoa made it almost purple it was so dark. YUM!
I didn't have the time to let everything cool/harden enough so the third layer didn't take. As in, it slid off like the cake in the Disney Sleeping Beauty movie. I started to cry. But it looked lovely once I added raspberries...

Ryan cobbled the scraps from leveling the other layers to the third layer that I made, spackled it all with frosting and made it into this ugly, but delicious mess. Inside it was a delicious mess of random ribbons of frosting. We took about a week to eat it and then we were sad that it was gone.
Whose birthday is soon? Cake I make you a cake???


Loni said...

That (first) cake is so beautiful! You really did a wonderful job! How you kept the second cake in your house for a week is amazing to me. Chocolate just doesn't last that long around here. :)

K in the Mirror said...

I second that. I'd have eaten the whole thing at once.

I'm going to need a smasher cake the night before the party- we're taking him for pictures. You probably won't be here in time to come with us though. :( But you can still help make cake if you want! You did a great job!

K in the Mirror said...

Oh, and I laughed at the Sleeping Beauty reference. Only you. I knew exactly what you meant and I could just picture you taking raspberries off the end and putting them back as they slid. :)

Kevin, Margaret, and Caroline said...

That reminds me of when my friends decorated a cake for me that was still too warm. Way back in high school. It looked pretty bad, but sure tasted good.

One of them was my friend Carrie, who I think is how you found my blog.

It was a surprise party, and I got a mouthful of confetti sequins. Not pretty.

Manic Mom said...

I ate all my Weight Watcher points today in homemade carrot cake. I didn't even think I LIKED carrot cake.

Apparently I do! LOL

Junebug said...

awww. I love making cakes. And your first cake picture looked so pretty. I'm sure it was quite yummy.

Also, you know you can purchase disposable icing bags now, right??