Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mama, what's wrong?!?

I said I was going to swim today, but I had to run errands and then it would have been too late and it was crappy weather and I didn't feel like getting caught in a storm. And I was feeling lazy and exhausted and wanted to nap. But I pulled out my mat and located my Pilates DVD and did the super-short 12 minute workout.

I was lying there on my mat, grunting and puffing and generally making a fool of myself and making some horrifying noises. Tilly came running to make sure that I was okay. She started talking* to me and sniffing and generally letting me know she was concerned. I finally convinced her that I was okay and it would actually be easier without her snout in my face.

After, I was tired and then just felt content. I love it! Yes, it's short, but it's intense. And if you do it a few times a week it makes a huge difference. I'm not going to quit everything else, but this is something that I can do at home.

Oh, and my yoga pants fit a lot better than the last time I wore them. Extra tummy blub is still less than I used to have.

*We think Tilly is part Husky and she is very talkative. Sometimes it sounds like she swallowed a bird.

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K in the Mirror said...

Sweet Tilly, to check up on you. :)