Wednesday, February 13, 2008

One of those days

My 4B classes were in the library today learning how to do online research. I was walking around like Frau Farbissina, disciplining students who strayed onto unapproved sites. And snatching candy since there's no food allowed in the library. I switched between laughing with the kids to screaming at them. Well, not screaming. But speaking sharply and shaking a little.

This was one of the days I was glad that they think I'm pregnant and that's why I'm moody and not that I'm just bat shit insane. Although, I could blame it on the bats that live in the library. I spend a lot of time in there. And I'm serious about the bats. They closed the library for two days to put wire over the vents. That'll do it.

Dr. called in a prescription for me of lithobid. It's still lithium, just a different formulation. Hopefully less side effects. We'll see how it goes. Crossing fingers...

I went swimming today and now I'm exhausted. Not sure if it's from the workout or being a gigantic bitch. GIGANTIC. The person I was rude to was in the wrong. At first. Standing at the wrong end of the pool, not acting like she was waiting. And then once someone else got out and told me to take his lane, she waited until I got to the other end and she said she was there first. I said the line was at the other end and she responded, "It doesn't matter where the line is. I was here first." The guy next to me said he was almost done so I told her, she could use that lane and swam off. So, she got into my lane and started swimming in the center of the lane. ARGH.

I should have been nicer about it, but she made me mad when she got so pissy about it. She was standing at the other end, against the side wall and I didn't have my glasses on and she looked like she was wearing a coverup and not exactly chomping at the bit to go. I get so annoyed with people who hang out down there anyway. They walk around and stretch and sometimes they'll even get into the hot tub and get pissy that you "jumped" in front of them. Seriously, until you take a number like it's the butcher, you have to stay in line. And the line is at the other end. Everybody else gets it. That's why all those people are sitting there waiting. You're not special.

And do not even get me started about the kids' swimming lessons that go past 6PM. When I first asked about it I was told that they were only early afternoon and definitely not peak times. I think it's very, very, very important for kids to be able to swim, but that's just not the right place. And people get out of the hot tub and into the end of the kids' lane to cool off. It drives me crazy when I'm in that lane, but it's wildly inappropriate when it's the kids. And this is not the Y, for pete's sake. With the exception of this one lane, kids aren't allowed in the club except for in the childcare room.

Ryan got there just as I left. He had more fun with people sharing and not sharing. And the guy who would swim one length and then rest for a minute. ARGH! I thought this was supposed to be helping with our stress levels?? Ryan also had bus frustration to deal with and his wife leaving him at the club since we got our wires crossed about him being there and needing a ride home.

But things are good now. We had leftover chocolate cake and lasagna. And now it's bedtime. Hooray!

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zydeco fish said...

I think that's why I don't like swimming pools. Or, maybe it's because I am blind without my glasses and can't see anything.