Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ryan won a Major Award!

I begged and pleaded with Ryan to go give blood for years. I can't do it because they don't want my Maybe-Mad-Cow-Having blood. And he got so sick of them calling him constantly that he refused to do it anymore. Until Manic Mommy had her contest...

Ryan was the first male contestant!

And I got Donald to enter. He already gives blood regularly. Very regularly. So, he was the second male contestant.

In total, 33 people donated. That is excellent in and of itself. A dear friend of ours had a health crisis recently and without blood donated selflessly by others, she would not have survived. The people who donated that blood will never know the loving, talented

Ryan won an award! So did Donald! How freaking cool is that?

And when it comes time to donate again, the blood center will call me and I'll make Ryan go back. =)


K in the Mirror said...

Yay Target gift cards! You boys are so good to go donate.

zydeco fish said...

Nice work.

AlaneM said...

Horay for Ryan - that is awesome!

Loni said...

Yea, Ryan! Good for you!