Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ryan's on a roll

He's not been having a good day, either. He is going to the doctor to get fitted for yet another pair of experimental contacts on Monday so he's wearing only glasses. His glasses don't work very well. And he also slept funny last night and can't move his neck much. His head is sort of cocked to the side like he's wondering something. It would be funny if he wasn't in pain. So...

I drove home from Central Market and Ryan was apparently delirious from the pain.

First, we drive pass this church nearby and he reads the sign:


And I tried not to wreck the car because I was laughing so hard.

There was something else that I've forgotten. It will come to me.

1 comment:

K in the Mirror said...

Such a funny boy you have. Did Tilly jack with his sleep number? Because I'm claiming that as the #1 contender for neck and/or back pain these days.