Sunday, February 10, 2008

So helpful

Me: What day is Easter this year?
Ryan: Um... it's on a Sunday this year.
Me: ((throwing pillows))

In actually annoying news, I realized that I can't travel this Spring Break because it's Holy Week. I sing on Sunday, choir practice is Tuesday and then Triduum starts on Thursday evening, continuing through Sunday. I want to cry I'm so disappointed.


K in the Mirror said...

Oh, that makes me cry also. I wanted you to travel to me.

Maybe you can try to make it for the boy's birthday?

Zolafan said...

just so the two of you know, it's 3/23/08... :)

Becca in Texas said...

Well it seems all districts made that week Spring Break this year so they wouldnt have to give us another Easter holiday. Kind of a rip off if you ask me.

Kate said...

Becca, I'm with you on the rip-off.

K, I'm finally getting around to responding, but just so you know--your response made my day!