Thursday, February 14, 2008


I love these emails...

Hey you
This is Megan
Our mutual friend named Molly said your cute
Can we chat and maybe exchange pictures?
Email me at
I will respond with a picture and info right away
Cant wait to show you my picture

Well, my non-existent friend Molly said so, so it must be...


Kelly said...

Please tell me I'm not the only one who ends up feeling positively itchy over the grammar (or lack thereof) in emails like this one?

Anonymous said...

I like the fact it's from Is this some sort of IQ test? I'm surprised it doesn't read:

Hey you
This is Megan a spammer
Our mutual friend named Molly said your cute

Kate said...

Kelly- I'm totally with you on the grammar. Molly said YOU'RE cute...

Tim-I actually changed it to crazyspammers for the humor element.

Lainey-Paney said...

....yeah, i delete all of those right away! ...well, those & all the viagra (or ViAgRRRAA#) emails I get. WHY DO I GET THOSE???????

...happy Valentine's Day, and thanks for all of the well-wishes & prayers.

zydeco fish said...

I can't believe you could resist that.

Kate said...

Thanks, Lainey-Painey. I wish you weren't going through this right now.

Ryan got email for "Steroids for your dick." Um, I'm pretty sure steroids shrink your "business." That would be counterproductive.