Saturday, March 15, 2008

Homemade Gourmet Rave

No, not that kind of rave. Although if you want to dim the lights and bust out some glowsticks and pacifiers, be my guest.

So, a lovely friend of mine is a Homemade Gourmet distributor and I got hooked when she made the Pecan Pie Muffins. I shoveled those mini muffins into my mouth faster than, well, faster than anyone should. Now no New Year's Recovery Party is complete without them.

Recently, I have been making various chicken stir-fry recipes. Mainly, I get a mix of cut vegetables at Central Market. I stole the idea and love it. Plus, it actually ends up being cheaper since you don't have to buy a whole red pepper, yellow, orange, etc. Not to mention you don't have to chop but you still get fresh veggies. I usually make brown or a brown/wild rice mixture, but I had the HG fried rice packet. I browned the rice, added the packet of flavoring and veggies (carrots, peas, etc.) and then cooked it like normal rice. Along with the stir-fry, it was a huge hit!

Another night, I made the white chicken chili. I cut up the chicken and cooked it, then cooked up the packet, added sour cream (it called for 1cup, but I only had 3/4c. of lowfat, so I added 1/4c. chicken stock) and cream (chicken stock also, although next time I'll try buttermilk) and the chicken. (I did all the substitutions because of the state of my pantry) Even though it was more runny than usual because of the chicken stock, it was so delicious! Yum!

Seriously, this stuff is awesome! And if you want to modify, it's not hard. They even give you 1 or 2 variations on the recipe card. Oh, and can we talk about the breads? And desserts? So, so, so delicious! I keep meaning to make the ginger cookies for my sibs. They have raisins and I am not a huge raisin fan, but I don't mind them and when they're rolled in raw sugar, they are heaven!

If you are interested in trying it out, let me know and I'll hook you up with my friend. Email me at the address in my profile. =)


K in the Mirror said...

And the lovely friend plans to come do a show for you as soon as she gets her schedule arranged, so you have that to look forward to also! With new spring products~ yum! :)

thanks for the plug. :)

Loni said...

We really enjoy it over here, too. I was skeptical at first, but there hasn't been a thing I've made with Homemade Gourmet that we didn't really like! Take that, double negative!

zydeco fish said...

Strange, but I've never heard of the stuff.

Lawfrog said...

I'm tagging you. Visit my blog for details. And stop talking about food. It's making me hungry;)