Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It Might Make You Feel Better

Thanks to AlaneM! Thinking of our warped record and tattered book and singing with people I love. I am very blessed. Thanks for all of the support!


AlaneM said...

He is just so dang cute, ya just can't help but smile :)
I saw the movie version in school but we had the record at home. Glad you enjoyed the videos, did you look at the others on youtube? Not all of the segments are there but a lot of them are.
Have a great day m'dear!

zydeco fish said...

I have no idea what that was or who that was. Am I that out-of-the-loop?

Kate said...

Free to Be... You and Me It was a Marlo Thomas project back when we were kids, all about getting past gender roles and such.

We had the book and record when I was a kid. Good times.

And who wouldn't like to be told that it's okay to cry by a big football player (Rosey Grier)?

Loni said...

This is so great...what a good friend you are, alanem!