Thursday, March 06, 2008

It's TAKS time!

My seniors are taking re-tests all week. Tests that they took/were supposed to take as juniors and failed. They had a chance last July and then in October. Their last shot is April or they don't graduate.

Yesterday, the 9th, 10th, & 11th graders took their English test. As has been my lot since I started teaching, I was in a class with 9th graders. At first, they hated me because I wanted them to put their bags against the side wall rather than the front wall. Seriously. But once we got over that, it was okay.

I sat at the front of the room, walked around enough to keep an eye on things without distracting the students. The test is untimed and they can take all day if they like. And some do. A few of the kids finished in a little over an hour. Most finished in about 2 hours. A few were still working past that and one kid finished a full 45 minutes after everyone else. Even I wanted to strangle her. But she only took 3 hours total. Three excruciating hours of staring. You're not allowed to read or do anything. I alphabetized the booklets and scantrons, made an elaborate seating chart and marked it off as they finished and as each row finished and...

The 10th and 11th graders whose test is longer needed more time and we ended up extending the testing until noon, which was okay with me because the kids were pretty calm and I got to sit in a comfy chair and read. After lunch, we went to all our classes. About 25 minutes each. Ugh. I hate testing days. And actually, this whole week has been a pain with kids being in and out because of testing.

And this? Totally true!


zydeco fish said...

That Hobo teacher post was quite amusing. How bizarre.

AlaneM said...

That sounds excruciating!!

Kate said...

It is bad. Hopefully next time I'll be back out in the hallway reading until someone needs a pee break. Last time I read a whole book.

I have been at other schools where I had to then babysit the kids for the rest of the day. Lots and lots and lots of movies. Not too bad if they were reasonably calm.