Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring Break!

I have tons of projects lined up, a party tomorrow, and then singing 3 times on Sunday (not sure how I got suckered into that), but today? Today, I am relaxing. In a little while Matilda and I are going to the Walgreens drive-thru about 4 blocks away. I don't trust her to stay tied up and I surely don't trust people not to steal her. Anyway, right now? We are on the deck getting covered in pollen relaxing. Yay for powerful wireless internet. But now it's back to my book...
Mama, I don't want to SAY cheese, I want to EAT cheese!
This is the life!


Loni said...

So glad you are relaxing and taking in some fresh air and sunshine. :)

Happy Spring Break!

Lawfrog said...

Tilly is such a cutie pie, I wouldn't trust anyone not to steal her either. I hope you enjoy your well-earned spring break!

AlaneM said...

Cute pix Kate, you both look great!
I love getting out in the sun this time of year. It seems so luxurious after all the cold. We've been walking a lot when the weather cooperates.