Saturday, March 29, 2008

Weight loss and precision

Here's the thing:

If I weigh myself at the club, do I have to round up?
Even if the number after the decimal is 8?

I want to say yes, of course, but I really, really, really want to say that the number was 160.



Of course, you all know how I feel about not focusing so much on the numbers and just being healthy and getting enough exercise and eating right.

Yadda yadda yadda.

But I loved it when I pulled out my shorts from last summer that used to be tight--tight. And now they sag in the butt and gape at the waist. And my dresses all fit again or are loose. It's a glorious feeling.

Incidentally, I'm wondering if it's more cost effective to get the nicer things tailored than to buy all new things, acquisitive little raccoon that I am. We're really trying to save money right now.

P.S. To anyone who doesn't know me IRL (in real life), I am 5'9". Rounding up.


K in the Mirror said...

Huzzah indeed! Such a lovely accomplishment! :)

Loni said...

Wooo Whooo! Nothing like the feeling of your clothes being loose. Of course it has been many, many, many moons since that has happened for me but I still remember the feeling.

You've worked hard and you've earned it!

I am glad that you are feeling better!

Servidores said...

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zydeco fish said...

Yes, this post is likeable, and your blog is very interesting. 160 it is. I only round up when people owe me money.

Lawfrog said...

Excellent! Go you!! And HELL NO you don't have to round up. Where weight is concerned, you round down. Always. It's called New Math;)