Monday, March 24, 2008

Why my house is a mess and one half

We've gotten rid of a lot of crap in the past few years. A LOT. (Two words, students, TWO words) We mostly have some bins in our downstairs closet, so we're close to being almost clutter free, but it migrates. For example, we somehow had two of those bins in our bedroom. I don't remember how they got there, but they've been there at least since before Christmas. One is memorabilia that I need to go through some time. The other is crap you throw into a box and hide before guests come over. My projects for spring break were to clean the living room (done) and clean our bedroom/office (not done).

Here's a sampling of items in the second crate:
- receipt for used tire from 2003
- notes from online search for Russian pop music (c.1998)
- random wedding planning crap (our 3rd anniversary is next Tuesday)
- partial New Yorker articles, significance forgotten
- Windows 95 start up diskette
- lemon reamer (in case I need some fresh lemon juice in my bedroom?)
- petrified chewing gum (various flavors, including lime)

And do we have a minute for discussion about old, (literally) broken laptops and My First Cell Phone?

In other news...

Household tip:
iPod nanos do not like the washing machine. Fact.


K in the Mirror said...

I knew there was a reason we are friends. I have about seven of those boxes of crap you hide before people come over.

Bring me the cell phone. I have a collection and the kids love them.

And oh dear on the ipod. But hey, I know a guy who can fix it for you! :)

dmd said...

I have a million boxes of crap like that. i'm moving this summer and I will. not. move. them. (again).
Sorry about the iPod. I've been looking for an excuse to get a new, pretty one because I've filled my current nano. I'm a little jealous that you've washed yours to be honest.

Alli said...

I have boxes of crap like that. Only the boxes are apparently invisible and all over the house.

I always make "a lot" in to one word. It must drive you nuts to read my blog. I'm so bad about using grammar that I know is wrong.

I hear that ipods don't like mop buckets full of water, too.

Loni said...

Not only do I have boxes of stuff that's hidden in the office closet, but there is also a laundry basket full of stuff that's been in there for months (and months). I have gone through it several times and gotten rid of about half its contents, and yet it's still there, just sitting in the middle of the closet.

But you don't see me getting up and cleaning it out, do you? Of course not! What would I do that for? :)

zydeco fish said...

Moving is a cure for boxes of junk. Just move, even if you don't want to.

Caroline said...

The lemon reamer was my favorite random item, I must say.

Sorry to hear about the iPod. I have to admit that I'm with dmd. I keep having to move things off my iPod to put new things on and the though of a new 8 GB iPod just makes me drool.... but enough of that. :)