Saturday, April 12, 2008

My phone is on vacation...

...along with my PB&J sandwich and apple from Friday.

I got home on Friday after 6 and they were all missing. And don't ask me why that's the first time I missed my lunch.

I'm afraid that I:

1. WILL find the last 2 items still on my cart on Monday morning. Iwww.
2. WILL NOT find my phone.

Although Ryan's supposed to get a Crackberry from work this week so I can then transfer my service to his sweet KRAZR and ditch the sad old phone. The phone that was so cool 3 years ago that it's the replacement for the original that was stolen. Now it is a piece of poo. And also, apparently, lost.

So, if I'm not returning your calls, that's why. And not just the 300lb. Phone Syndrome.

If you know my number, you know Ryan's. Call him if you have an emergency.

Love and kisses,


KatieBug said...

Maybe your phone is with my keys! I hope they are having lots of fun together being completly useless to us! :)

Junebug said...

Well, I've been wondering why you haven't called me back.

dmd said...

We had that same phone 3 years ago. I've had 2 different ones since then. Think of it as a favor if its stolen :-) You've got to be at the end of a contract. Splurge and get a new one. I love my sony. Its pretty :)

Kate said...

Katiebug, they're so out on a joyride together. Roooooad Trip!

Junebug, that's the reason. Uh huh. Yeah.

DMD, I forgot that we had the same phone. Remember how cool they were back then? Yeah, if I replace it every 3 years maybe it's okay to spend some money. I just got used to the whole free phone thing they used to do to get you hooked.