Thursday, April 03, 2008

Portable The-A-ter

I've been showing my kids Pride & Prejudice lately. The good one. The one with Colin Firth. They're totally into it--it's so funny! They love Mr. Collins and Mrs. Bennet. They keep asking when she's going to die. Never. Hahahaha! They enjoy all the sarcastic and cutting comments. It's good times.

I have four different classes watching it in four different classrooms, so the logistics of showing it are a little tricky. I am lucky enough to have access to a huge cart with a TV and DVD/VCR on it, but it weighs 3,000 lbs. and I can't see in front of it, which is fun with the crush of kids in the hallways between classes. I've hit 2 kids and bit my ankle (nasty, bleeding, the works).

I also am very, very lucky to have access to an LCD projector. So, this is my solution. It looks messy and a little ghetto, is prone to being knocked and flinging the speakers onto the floor, but the projector is sweeet and the speakers and laptop are mine and even with all the cords it works very well. The picture is clear and big enough for everyone to hear and read the subtitles (the kids asked for them to help them understand what people are saying).

Without further ado...Not pictured: computer bag and bag for projector. Navigating this all through the hallways is a neat trick of defying the laws of physics.

Prize to the first person who notices something funny about the cart. Especially for an English teacher. That's my only clue.


Junebug said...

Yeah, I don't see anything.

Junebug said...


(is that the correct spelling for misspelling?)

Kate said...

Where did my comment go???

Yay Junebug!

And yes, it's "misspelling." I know, it looks wrong to me, too.

dmd said...

FORM? Dear God.
We got our Stanford scores today. The kids who got PHS in everything did bad in spelling. Hard to believe, huh? ;-)

Kate said...

DMD, also, someone in the library wrote that. Zoinks.

Forgive me for laughing about the kid who bombed the spelling part after acing everything else. That's about right. =) Seriously, though, I blame spellcheck for making me lazy about spelling.

K in the Mirror said...

do not take it form the library, man, or else dab things will happen to you.

zydeco fish said...

Damn librarians. They can't spell :-)

Loni said...

Yeah for Jane Austen! And I agree that the A&E Colin Firth version is the best!

Lawfrog said...

From is misspelled.:) "Toadally" got that without looking at other comments too;)

That is some contraption you have there, but let's face it - any amount of pain is worth sharing Pride and Prejudice. It's one of my favorites from high school.