Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ryan is RUDE

I was playing a record the other day (yes, boys and girls, a record). I was singing along...

Me (singing): "Here Comes Jesus..."
Ryan (singing): "Pretend you weren't talking about him"


Me (singing): "I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light..."
Ryan (in accusatory manner): "That's why you know this song!"

Um, yes, Beavis. I told you. We sang these songs growing up, my parents had Bible studies at our house where they sang these songs. Complete with guitars and tambourines (and my best friend's parents). The songs did come from a Catholic group, but they were good songs so everyone sang them. Even us Protestants. Heck, it was the seventies (and the eighties). So, Catholic from birth boy, you all don't own those songs.

Here's the somewhat strange connection-- my memories of these songs are most strong during the years we lived in NJ. Many years later, I converted to Catholicism (for many reasons) at a specific church in MI. My mom came to visit and she told me about taking me to a prayer service when I was a wee thing. It was associated with the Word of God community, which was associated with the exact church where I converted. 25 years later. I don't remember if she said the service was held in the church building or somebody's apartment off campus or something, but I thought that was a really cool association. I thought that it was fitting to be the place where I officially came back to organized religion.

As for the record, if Ryan says that he wasn't singing along, he is lying.

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