Friday, May 23, 2008

French Doors, Part II

The downstairs set of French doors went so well that we're doing the middle floor ones. By "we" I mean Ryan and by "middle floor" I mean living room, dining room, and kitchen.

Ryan took the day off work and spent it working on a zillion other projects like buying and assembling my lingerie chest that I've wanted forever and had to wait until they started making it in our color (black-brown) and then had it in stock, which they never have... and it's gorgeous and now my undies don't have to be shoved and smashed into one drawer. It's a crime of fashion to do that to filmy nothings that I got in Paris, for example, but I digress.

But this is the big project. He was standing in the window when I pulled into the driveway and when I walked up the stairs, this is what I saw:

The plastic is held up with neon pink clothesline that he stapled into a pocket that he made along the top and then fastened to various objects like the vent and the pot rack.

Here he is taking off all the trim and getting it ready to pull the door out tomorrow.
The plastic is still up, but it's hiked up a little in one spot so the dog can roam freely and we can limbo under it. I'm so excited, although not about it being the hottest weekend of the year.

My friend and I went walking after school today. Because we hate ourselves. It was in the high 90's and humid. (News tonight said it felt like 105°) We ran a little tiny bit but then had to walk. And at one point we had to sit on a bench in the shade a little by the water fountain. We did manage the two loops like we normally do (6 miles total). I guess I wanted to out-do my migraine stupidity. Oh, and although I had sunscreen on my face, I spent almost 2 hours in the sun in the middle of the day without it anywhere else. Hello sunburn.

Now we're lying on the couches while we hydrate and rest.


shoeaddict said...

Ryan is a champ with his pink clothesline! I love it ;) You are a champ for running in this heat.

My initials are indead CVS.

K in the Mirror said...

It is way more fun to look at these kind of posts now that I've seen your house. :) Go Ryan!

Kate said...

Shoe- I'm still thinking nuts, but I feel really good about it today now that I'm well-rested and hydrated. =)

K- I know! And often I'll sit and look at my living room wall and remember the lovely things you said about me and my mom and decorating.