Thursday, May 08, 2008

My Grain

I woke up this morning with a pain in my head. Dehydrated, says me.

Clumsy as I am getting into the car, dropped the key on the ground and couldn't find it. Crawling around on the garage floor. Crawling. Hands and knees. PMS, says me.

Grading papers. Headache increases. Letters are moving on pages. Grading quizzes always sucks, says me.

Drank an entire 12oz. Diet Coke. No caffeine jumpiness, no decrease in headache. Hmm, says me.

Clacking noise in 3rd period. Consider strolling through the classroom and finding the culprit and doing something violent. Finally determine it's knuckle-cracking. From across the room. Irritable, says me.

Showing part of a movie in 4th period. Lights off. Too bright. Put head onto desk. Make it to lunch, says me.

Go downstairs to give make-up tests during lunch. Push cart off elevator and can barely see. Teacher asks if I'm okay. I say no. She offers to watch my next class. I burst out crying. Sweet student offers to take her test tomorrow. Teacher sends me to the nurse. Headache, says me.

Nurse can't give me Tylenol but offers me a bed/cot in a darkened spot with a big, fluffy blue knitted blankie. I burst out crying again. She gives me some tissue paper masquerading as Kleenex. I lie down, cover my eyes with my arm. Unable to sleep. Pain is unrelenting. Migraine, says me.

45 minutes in semi-darkness helps me feel better. Not good, just better. Wish wearing sunglasses in class was socially acceptable. If I didn't have a meeting and a date to go walking, I would go home, says me.

Walk 3 miles in 100 degree weather with friend. Have lots of water and sunglasses. Feel better until 1 minute after stopping walking. Almost home, says me.

Full belly, Tylenol chucked down my gullet. Be Koool strip on the back of my neck. Bedtime, says me.


K in the Mirror said...

You went walking with a migraine? That's some dedication.

Hope you feel better soon!

AlaneM said...

That was one crappy day, says me.

I tagged you for a meme, please don't shoot!! :)

Hope tomorrow is better for you!

zydeco fish said...

Nurse can't give you Tylenol? What's up with that? Sounds like Alexander and the terrible horrible no good very bad day.

Shoeaddict said...

That is awful. I hope it's better. I agree with Kelli about the walking with the migraine.

Kate said...

K & Shoe-- you're too kind. I was thinking "stupid" =) Seriously, I was such a mess that I couldn't think of anything other than the plan I'd made, like I would be okay if I could just stay on the track, but if I got off, I would crash.

Also, I thought the blood moving around might help. It helped just immediately, but also I think it helped relax some of my muscles.

Thanks, Alane. I'll check it out.

ZF- it's a funding thing or something. They can only give it to the kids. Although if I'd sobbed before I asked, she might have bent the rules.

Loni said...

Oh. I have been there countless times. And don't you feel so stupid by the time that you FINALLY stop and tell yourself, "You're having a migraine, Dumb A**!"? Yeah, me too, because the pain is so much worse and the suffering for hours is totally unnecessary.

I am glad you finally found your AHA moment and got some rest. :)