Sunday, June 22, 2008

1. Ryan and I are walking down a street. A man doing work next to an electrical truck, wearing a uniform and toolbelt nods at Ryan but makes like he knows me. He looks slightly familiar. He comes toward me and grabs me and starts to pull my hair and clothes away from my neck and think "He's going to bite me?!?" I'm having trouble screaming and Ryan can't hear or move fast enough. I finally think, I can fight and I kick his ass and he lets me go.

2. For some reason a young man is staying at our house. We're getting ready to somewhere and we're gathering our things and I realize that I'm not wearing a shirt. Completely topless while we have a guest. I have some trouble getting myself clothed and it really bothers me.

3. Continuation of above. When I am upstairs I notice that Ryan has taken away one of our dressers in preparation for laying down bamboo flooring, except that it's already in. There is a wooden cabinet with glass doors that I recognize (in the dream) as coming from IKEA. Inside, there is dollhouse furniture arranged so that the cabinets look like a dollhouse. I assume that this must be some sort of surprise that I have stumbled upon and I go to leave. And notice a small wooden table with chairs on the other side of the room. Ryan's there now and explains that they're what we're been looking for and I am very pleased.

4. I go out to get something out of my car and I open the door. The car starts to roll down the hill it's on even though the parking break is on. I manage to push back against the car to slow it down. It keeps rolling down the hill. I keep fighting and consider opening the other door to help push on that side. I look down the hill and it's very steep and ends in a residential area with a station wagon parked there. I get it to change directions almost at the bottom of the hill and push it off the road into some sand. I am very annoyed that I got it stuck in the sand.

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