Sunday, June 29, 2008

34 isn't looking so bad

My birthday was yesterday and I am feeling the love. I have such great family and friends!

I got up yesterday and went to run. A friend kind of encouraged me to try to speed up a little. I had been running with the run-walk group (run 4 minutes, walk 1, repeat), but they were getting too slow for me. Part of it was their 1 minute walk was practically a stop--they may have even gone backward. But I have been pushing myself in other areas and I kicked my own butt at hill training last week. So, when their watches beeped for their first walk, I kept running. And running.

I ran harder than normal to catch up to the next faster group and after almost 15 minutes I caught them. Then we ran up and down the hills at the park where we did hill training on Tuesday. Ugh. I kept running and walked a lot more as it got hotter and my heart rate got higher. And breathing got hard. And I used my inhaler. I was walking and then I heard someone running behind me and it encouraged me to start running again. Guy said, "Nice ass!" Hot guy. MY guy.

I kept going and pushing and trying to not walk the entire way and make it to the next hill, curve, light pole, whatever it took to keep going. I kept looking at my watch (to check my heart rate) and saw the time and couldn't believe it. I thought, could it possible that I am running this fast? I caught up with a girl about two blocks from the end and we ran in together.

I walked over to get water and saw my watch. 1:03. I am going to round that down, so that was a 12 minute pace (5mph)! I am not going to win any races, but that felt so good. And for reference, when I ran the half-marathon in January, my pace was a 14:14 minute mile (4.2mph). Even accounting for a hurt knee and almost triple the distance in January (and the possibly 50° difference in temperature), that's a huge improvement.

After that I showered and went to the beach with my sibs and niece. I got to play in the sand and jump waves and swim. And eat fish and ice cream. And then come home to a lovely husband making me an elaborate birthday cake. We're going to eat it tonight with a lovely dinner he's making-- steak was on sale and he got corn and asparagus and bread and did I mention the CAKE?

And all of this sure makes being a year older a lot easier.


Alli said...

Happy Birthday!! Sounds like you had a good one.

And one for the "small world" category: My in-laws were in Galveston yesterday. :)

Mary said...

Happy Birthday! Your day sounds amazing!

Junebug said...

Happy late birthday, Kate. are only 34?! I feel old. Anyway, hope you had a great day!

AlaneM said...

Hapy birthday Kate!!
love your pic, you look amazing!

Manic Mom said...

Happy Belated! You look so pretty and happy! 35 is the year I got my tattoo!