Thursday, June 26, 2008

To love, honor, and share the cookies

One side effect of being home more now is that I am closer to all the delicious food that we have in the house. We're really good about keeping naughty foods out of the house and keeping the chocolate in a small container. Now that it's hot, the pantry is about 300°, so we have to keep it on the counter. It is VERY dangerous.

Because all of this wasn't enough, Ryan and I went grocery shopping after hill training on Tuesday and we bought cookies. The smallest packet of cookies we could find. Hit biscuits! We got the chocolate ones with the white filling rather than the regular ones with the chocolate filling. In Pole Land we got some that had hazelnut filling. We still dream about them.

So, we ate some that night. And then I ate one the next day. And one more. And one more. Leaving two more cookies. I would walk by them and my arm would involuntarily reach for them. We have an unspoken no-finish rule at our house. So, I totally wasn't going to eat them, but I got tired of being tempted to eat one and leave him one. Still not cool.

Where are the cookies?All I see is the chocolate container and the glass part of a French press.
It's kind of gross and dirty.And also? Broken.

Although I will not say that I will not reach across broken glass to get cookies, it is a deterrent.

And don't get me started on why we still have the dirty, broken thing sitting on our counter. I broke it about 2 weeks ago.

This is when I wish that we had a glass-doored refrigerator!

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Anonymous said...

Dude, I wonder if this is from the Soviet Union, or having too many sibs, or both. I both want to compulsively finish all the cookies, and I don't want to finish them because then I'll be the person who finished all the cookies.
Julie has amazing self-control. She'll just have two pieces of chocolate after dinner and be done with it. She expects candy she buys to stay around the house for a month or two.
So I make sure there are two left...