Friday, June 13, 2008

Traffic disasters! OR fun with my camera phone

Most of the time I'm too busy driving to document these gems, but sometimes I'm stopped and I can capture these moments.

Here's me, waiting for the light to change. That's the truck that was next to me. And pulled out into the intersection to cut me off. Note that the light is still red. And yes, he was blocking the lane of traffic going perpendicular to us. I guess I should be glad that he didn't wait until the light changed. I hate physics, but I know enough about it to know who would win in that momentum fight--and I don't mean my Beetle.

Today: this is a lunchtime cluster-F@#*. That's right--four (4) cars turning left across three lanes of very heavy, fast traffic into the parking lot (screw waiting your turn) and one poor sap trying to make a legal left turn the other way. All by him/herself.
It's really hard to feel like you're a bad driver in this town, even if you are. I'm decent, but sometimes spacey. But I look amazing next to these bozos.


AlaneM said...

And I thought Seattle was bad :)

Mary said...

We must live near each other....

Kate said...

No doubt. I'm just glad that I don't have to drive much.