Monday, June 23, 2008

Who moved my towel?

Ryan and I went to the club today. We'd both had rotten days so we needed to do something. I did 5o minutes on the cross-trainer. He went swimming and when he came upstairs to meet me, he was in his shorts and t-shirt and it looked like he'd been sweating in it. I thought that was odd since he would have just taken a shower.

So, Ryan says to me:

Riddle me this, Batman. What exactly do you do if someone walks off with your towel at the shower? And you have none. Do you grab someone else's towel? Do you ask around the shower and the steam room?

Excuse me, is that my towel?

Did you take the towel that was on top of my goggles? The one that wasn't yours?

Especially in the communal shower frequented by gay men. Ryan's cool with them in general, but if that isn't a pickup line, nothing is. Remember that he's bare-assed naked. Stomping around in search of his towel. Dripping.

He went to the row of hooks to see if he put it on another one and all that he saw was some ratty moth-eaten towel. He brought a nice towel. As in, a 3rd-tier towel--not for guests(1), not for everyday(1 or 2), but not for drying the dog(4) or a rag(5).

So, he is just steaming. As I would be, too. And Mr. Stolen Towel is also wet. Because he had no towel. And he went on and on about how the towel was on top of his goggles, so what was this guy thinking? Ryan's pretty sure the perp is one of those guys who thinks that putting down a towel in the steam room is the same as wearing shorts. As in, someone who doesn't think the rules are for him.

He's still pissed. I suggested a goofy towel with his name embroidered on that. He didn't think that was such a great idea.


Loni said...

That is really crappy to take someones towel. Maybe for good measure, he should bring two with him so that he can be the better person and share with the dummy who didn't bring one at all.

If he got one of those monogramed ones, I am pretty sure no one would take it. Maybe he should think about it! :)

shoeaddict said...

Totally get him one with his name on it!!

Alli said...

THat's pretty funny, actually. From where I'm sitting at least. :)

zydeco fish said...

Another reason why I hate the gym. My eyesight is so bad, I have to shower with my glasses on. It's all very problematic.

Zolafan said...

oh well, thank God that never happened to me during that trial membership I had at your gym earlier this year. It might have been difficult to keep from heading into the locker room yelling, "Alright! Which one of you [alliteration deleted] stole my [deleted] towel?!?" ;)

AlaneM said...

Poor Ryan, nothing like putting on clothes dripping wet.

I loved your deoderant marathon post - too funny!!

Rick said...

Yup - do what your mommy did when she sent you off to camp - take a magic marker and write your name on the seam, and don't forget to do it to your underwear too.