Wednesday, July 09, 2008

3/365: Keith

You did everything. EVERYTHING. You did all of work for both of us. I felt guilty, lazy, and like a fraud.

You knew I had no business being a physics teacher. You never said it.

I got a bigger bonus.


shoeaddict said...

A fellow teacher? Is it very hard to stay within the word amounts?

Kate said...

Yes--he was the lead physics teacher. Even though I was the de facto lead chemistry teacher and I had huge classes and took on an extra one before school (5 total), I still feel guilty that I ever got any credit for those 2 physics classes.

When my last school had me scheduled to teach physics the next year, I panicked and searched for a new job. So, I landed an amazing job at an amazing school. So, I am thankful for that. Of course, it only occurred to me recently that they might have scheduled me to do something I hated on purpose. Who cares, though--I have what I want!

And it is hard for me to stay within the word limit. I either can easily write 17 words or 57. It's a good exercise in condensing what I want to say.