Friday, July 18, 2008

Date Night!

I took the bus for the first time in this city. I rode them all the time in other cities, but it's just not convenient to take it here. As in, I could take it to work. If I had three hours and transferred twice... Downtown, on the other hand, is very convenient from our house. So convenient that Ryan takes the bus to work every single day.

I had 2 choices of bus line, so I decided to go to one stop and if the bus wasn't there, walk up to the other one. I guess I didn't think that I had enough sweat pouring off me. I made it just in time. In the future, it actually comes closer to the house, but in another direction and it's harder to read on the schedule. Don't get me started on bus schedules. I like to think that I'm an intelligent person, but those things are horrible.

I took the bus to the downtown library. It's been renovated recently and it looks great! And Ryan will point out that it doesn't yet smell like urine. Not yet. I found a new audio book and then sat and read my book club book. Ryan met me in the plaza out front and we walked over to the movie theater. We saw The Dark Knight. It was very dark and very good. After a really long movie, we were back on the bus home by 7PM. Woo-hoo! We are party animals!

Party animals who are running 6 and 12 miles tomorrow morning.


Zolafan said...

yay! Kate's first experience with the "You Can't Get There From Here" Authority!

oh, and reading bus schedules, another obscure skill I have in addition to being able to set the time on a VCR...

zydeco fish said...

I hate bus schedules too. Libraries that smell of urine? Hmmm.

AlaneM said...

I hated taking the bus when I lived in Seattle. I was always confused by the dang schedules & getting on the wrong bus. Nothing like going 30 minutes in the wrong direction to work!

We saw that movie on Saturday too. Were going to see Wall-e cos I wasn't in the mood for dark & gothic but we were late & Chris got his choice anyway. I loved it but the joker freaked me out like I thought he would.