Sunday, July 13, 2008

Meds update

I have been to the:
  • psychiatrist
  • OB/GYN
  • psychiatrist specializing in perinatal mood disorders
  • talk therapist
I have done a ton of research. Some things that I've found, in no particular order:
  • untreated, I have a very high risk of relapse during pregnancy.
  • untreated, I have a very high risk of developing postpartum psychosis
  • lithium is now considered to be the most-effective, least-harmful medication during pregnancy (contrary to what was thought until very recently--the change is due to long-term research)
  • breast-feeding with lithium would mean testing the bébé's blood levels (lithium and thyroid function) frequently
  • risk of Ebstein's Anomaly (heart defect which can be caused by lithium) is about 1 in 1,000, risk of Down Syndrome at my age is almost 3 in 1,000
  • we live a few miles from a pediatric cardiac surgery center. God forbid we should need that, but it's here
  • in addition to medication and talk therapy, keeping up my social life and reducing stress and disruptions to my schedule, including sleep schedule is recommended
If I hear anyone else say:
  • "pregnancy and lithium don't mix"
  • "ask your OB/GYN"
  • "can't you just quit taking everything for the 1st trimester"
I am going to scream. I realize that I put this out on the internet for the entire world and not everyone knows that I am an intelligent person who has done extensive research and doesn't just swallow everything that medical professionals tell me. Not everyone knows my medical history or what no medication means for me and everyone who loves me.

That said, as of next week I will be only taking lithium. I am adjusting nicely to the adjusted dosage. My blood levels are being tested as are my liver, thyroid, etc. functioning.

So, next cycle we can start "trying." But that's all I'll say about that, since it's a little creepy to talk about my sex life in a place where my dad, brother, and strangers read.

Should we be lucky enough to get pregnant we won't say anything until at least 4 months. The OB/GYN said that's when she can do a high-res ultrasound to check the bébé's heart. We could change our minds, but we both feel a need to cocoon until we know for sure.

All holy men and holy women, pray for us.
Ora pro nobis, hear our prayer.


K in the Mirror said...

YAY! I'll be glad to help you keep up your social life. :)

KatieBug said...

YAY! Good Luck! :)

Loni said...

Anyone who knows you knows that you ARE very smart and you would never take this lightly.

I think that often people (myself included) say stupid things before thinking.

I will be praying for your health and um, your health. :)

shoeaddict said...

I second (umm, fourth?) what everyone else said!

Alli said...

Oh, Kate, I've already said a prayer for you and I'll continue doing so. I'm so excited for you!!!:)

zydeco fish said...

Looks like you've done your research, which is more than most people can say.

Manic Mom said...

I know I haven't been by in a while, but always thinking of you!!!!

And I love how you call your future baby bebe! (I can't do the accent marks!)

BTW, breastfeeding ain't all it's cracked up to be either! LOL!!!

Praying for you and R, and zee bebe!!

AlaneM said...

Hooray - I'm so excited for you. All that 'trying' it's such hard work. (snicker, snicker)

And to all those who say 'can't you...(insert ignorant comment here.)' shut up & keep your remarks to yourself. You are making a lot of ASSumptions and they reflect right back on you. Remember what Thumper's mom taught him "if ya can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.'

Kate I am so proud of you for all the research you've done & for taking the time to ensure you and your future bebe have the best start. You are a phenominal woman!

Kate said...

I am definitely feeling the love!

K: I'll have another reason to come see you--dr's orders!
Katiebug: Thanks!
Loni: You're right and it helps me to remember all the (many, many) times I've said something stupid. Thanks for the prayers!
Shoeaddict: you rock!
Alli: Thanks for the prayers!
ZF: I'm a little, teeny, tiny bit obsessive. ;)
Manic: Thanks! Remind me about breastfeeding when I'm sobbing that I'm ruining my child's life. ;)
AlaneM: Thank you! I am truly touched.

Julie said...

I'm so excited! Can't wait for Stella to have a cousin, yay!

And I will be sending all the good health vibes I can your way. I hope you are blessed with a beautiful, perfect baby sooner rather than later;)