Tuesday, July 01, 2008


"It ain't rocket science, it's a f&^$ing switch.

There are two wires, it's not that hard.

So where's the doorbell transformer?"

The new doorbell installation on the gate is not going so well at the moment. Although, any project around here involves enormous amounts of cursing. That's just how we roll.

And also? We had hill training tonight and we have not yet showered. We smell marathon fresh.


AlaneM said...

All I can say is ugh!

Tim said...

Yes. Where is that doorbell transformer? And why do they feel the need to put the chime, the transformer, and the doorbell in geographically disparate parts of the house? You should walk through some houses that have just gotten electrics put in. They really do seem to be randomly nailing them to any old stud.

shoeaddict said...

Marathon fresh... yummmmm!

zydeco fish said...

Cursing is good. Marathon fresh is so evocative, perhaps too evocative.

Ryan said...

I found the transformer. Of course it's in the attic. Why did I not look there in the first place?

Kate said...

Yes, of course, it's in the attic. The only place they could have put it that would have been farther away would have been the roof, right?