Friday, July 25, 2008


I meant to post this yesterday. Ryan took this video on his way home from work. For those who aren't in flood-prone areas, the manhole cover that's trying to pop up means that the drains are full and it's about to start flooding catastrophically. I learned that the hard way when I first moved here. The streets were flooding and all of the manhole covers had popped off. I ended up in 2 feet of water and Ryan had to tow me out... So, now I am more cautious. Once the drains fill up, I pull into a parking lot or someone's driveway--it doesn't matter.


K in the Mirror said...

That really is an impressive amount of rain. I never knew it would make the covers blow off.

Zolafan said...

I knew I could successfully play "Name That Downtown Houston Street Corner" - just needed to pause the video when I saw the Pappas BBQ sign. It's NE corner of Smith and Lamar, looking to the west. If he panned just a little to the right, you'd see the old library building. Ryan is of course waiting for the 36 bus there.

Loni said...

That just shows how powerful water can be. Those suckers are HEAVY.

In far away West Texas city, there is no city wide drainage system because it doesn't rain enough to justify the cost. And every single spring at least a dozen people drive their cars into the water.