Thursday, July 17, 2008

T my name is Tilly

I think I am a CAT.

If she's not sleeping where I want to walk, she is weaving in and out of my legs like a cat. Not to diss cats, but we're both going to get hurt. I'm trying to carry books downstairs so Ryan can dismantle the bookshelves and put in the bamboo flooring.

Oh, and it's like she went to Gramma's and ate too many cookies (Ryan's analogy) because she's been pooping more and threw up. Three times. Oh well, she had a good time and she's even cuter than normal:

Lady Godiva:


shoeaddict said...

Dear Tilly,

You look so pretty! I'm sorry you got sick though. I know you're just trying to play with your mom by acting like a cat. I'm always jumping on mine. You are lucky to get a haircut because I need one.


Zolafan said...

whaddya mean, acting like a cat? at least she's too big to lay ON the computer table, at times actually on the mouse (ironic, no?)...

(yes, I know, I spoil my cat horribly...)

ps - yes, Tillie, you're so beautiful, I know I owe you a visit!

AlaneM said...

Awwww, what a sweet face.
Sorry about the throwing up though, there's just nothing like dog vomit!