Thursday, August 21, 2008

Katie-Kat: 0, Headache: 1,307

Just a bit of a whine. This thing started yesterday at school and I figured it was weather changes and sitting in mind-numbing pre-schoolyear meeting. Continued last night. Worse this morning. Got better for about an hour after lunch. Worse and worse and worse this evening. I've taken Tylenol and I have a Be Koool strip on. I forced myself to eat half a piece of bread with pimiento cheese and some juice. I tried milk and I nearly threw up. Ryan's sad because I'm lying here crying on and off. And the poor dog is not pleased, either.

I'm not really looking for sympathy so much as I just want to complain. Oh, and in between the waves of pain I am distracted and ANGRY. No reason. I need to go to bed.


shoeaddict said...

Oh no! I hope it's better this morning. What do you think caused it? Just the weather change?

Loni said...

You are angry because of the pain. Becuase you possibly ignored the first signs, believing that it would go away on it's own. You are angry because you are missing life, waiting for it to go away.

Oh, how I have been there.

I had one last night as well. I woke up feeling the pain this morning and drank a big thing of gatorade. I think it was the weather, stress and dehydration.

I am so sorry. I hope it passes soon!

Kate said...

Thanks so much, ladies!

Loni, I drank some Gatorade last night because it was the only thing that seemed appealing and it really helped. I wonder why. I drank 24oz. of plain water before that. I'm glad that you're doing better now.

zydeco fish said...

I've heard that Gatorade is perfect when you are ill. It has just what you need. I hope you feel better soon.

KatieBug said...

Poor Honey. :(

shoeaddict said...

How were you today, sweetie?