Friday, August 01, 2008

What is Dad doing NOW?!?

Ryan has started the flooring project. After a great deal of research, it turned out that our soft pine floors with the huge cracks is just the subfloor finished. So he's adding asphalt paper and plywood and then the bamboo (cork in the kitchen). He had to even out some really high spots, which involved renting a planer. Holy hell, that thing is loud. It makes my teeth hurt it's so loud and high-pitched. Guess who else hates it? Not to mention that it's attached to her nemesis, the Shop Vac.

So, here I am up in the office, keeping her out from underfoot and doing some prep work for school. I was hoping Tilly would go lie in her bed, but Winnifred was having none of that. She prefers to lie under my chair. UNDER. I took these photos with my legs crossed on the chair---6 legs under one chair is about 4 too many.

Mom, what is he doing?
I like this spot. Right here.

Notice she doesn't remember me cleaning her sick out of the cracks in the old floor or how her nails would get caught. Or how much she loved lying on the test patch of new bamboo Ryan laid out for a few weeks.


shoeaddict said...

I want to know alllll about the new floors! I'm semi-obsessed with floors/tiles/wood, etc. I want to see pics, too.

Oh, and poor Tilly.

Kate said...

Shoe-I'm working on a whole website about our renovations. I'll send you the URL.

Manic Mom said...

Ah, does your puppy have two colored eyes? So pretty! I just saw another dog today with two different colored eyes--the same two colored eyes as yours!

Kate said...

Manic, one is brown and one is half blue. That's part of what tells us she's probably part Husky. That and her face and how talkative she is. Isn't it pretty? And so unexpected!