Friday, September 12, 2008


The wind has picked up and there's a little rain. Little. So little I wouldn't be concerned normally. But I know what's headed our way in a few hours. We're going to try to get some sleep soon. Ryan's sleepy, but I'm wired. I can watch the news and read. The channel we usually watch is about 2 miles from our house so they always have very local conditions. Although, they're much closer to Buffalo Bayou and they're much more prone to flooding. During Alison, they went off the air when they started taking on water and they were worried about electrocution. Good times.

I looked out on the neighborhood about an hour ago and all the houses had lights on. Normally, at 10PM on a Friday night, we're the only ones on our block who are home.

My friend, Jerry, texted me that he lost power. Donald has lost it, but it came back on. Hopefully we'll keep it. We'll see.


kel said...

Hang in there!

Kate said...

Thanks! I'm glad it's over.