Friday, September 05, 2008

Blood Pressure Spike

I apparently am more fair than intelligent. I watched some of the Republican National Convention this week. I wanted to hear what they had to say. I went away from the experience feeling dirty, and not just the normal politics-makes-you-feel-dirty feeling. I felt like Americans are being tricked by the Republican party. Here's a hint:


They say they do, but they don't. Christian values? Which ones? Small government? Ha. I know it's been said, but this is really stuck in my craw. Giuliani talking about Barack Obama's experience as a community organizer was classic. It wasn't that he was saying it wasn't on par with something specific. He was laughing--literally laughing--at the fact that he did it. What a pussy. Hahaha. What a loser. And the crowd went wild.

So, all you out there trying to make your community better, the Republican party says, people who help others are chumps. Remember how they wanted government out and local and faith-based organizations in? What happened to that?

So much for God and country and family values.

And as Levar Burton on Reading Rainbow used to say, you don't have to take my word for it.


shoeaddict said...

I just CANNOT get on board with the Obama worship. I'm not thrilled with McCain. I am not sure I'm even a full blown Republican. I know I'm conservative more than liberal though. I know I'm for smaller government. I don't believe in people getting something for nothing.

I think that people are very passionate about thier own politics. I know that I am. I am not passionate about McCain but I DO NOT like Obama. I do not believe that socializing health care is what is going to save us. I don't think it's right to take money from people who work very hard for it to give it to people who do not just to keep things EQUAL. Why should we encourage kids to get good grades if that is the case? Everyone should just get a C then.

I believe that this is a blood pressure raising issue for all people on both sides.

shoeaddict said...

Sorry- I know I wasn't cleat when I said that I didn't know if I was a full blown Republican. If I'm not a full blown R then I'm not a Dem instead, I'm a Libertarian.

Kate said...

Shoeaddict, thanks for your response. It really helps me to understand people who I respect and who don't agree with me on some of these things.

I have really mixed feelings on health care. The system we have is terrible, but I was a part of the National Health Service in England and it definitely had its issues. My doctor is from Canada and she's convinced that her brother's colon cancer would have been checked here because doctors would have been able to order expensive tests for a young person (he wasn't even 40). On the other hand, there are lots of people who can't afford any health care, people who work hard, and that's not right, either. Is it possible to reform our system without completely throwing it out?

Kate said...

P.S. I figured you meant that you were in between and not a Democrat. The labels and the parties (BOTH of them) do a lot of dividing of people. I still think that there are a lot more similarities between people in this country than differences. And that we can live with the differences.

Tim said...

And people should remember that no matter how many times Republicans say they're the party of small government, every time they've been in power they've expanded the federal government significantly.

It's just rhetoric. Like their stance on abortion. They're not actually going to do anything about it, but they're willing to blatantly lie to you if it means they'll get your vote.

kel said...

Tim, I think we're in a place where everybody is willing to lie about something or other if it will get a vote.

I think I was much happier when I ignored politics completely. This whole election has raised my blood pressure- I don't love any of the candidates and don't think that either of them are going to be Fabulous For Our Country.

I very much have the sense that my vote doesn't count for anything and there's nothing I can do about changing anything. Knowing all the stupid things that both sides are saying doesn't make me feel more informed, or better about my vote. It just makes me want to hide in my house and not vote at all.

I do plan to vote though.

Alli said...

It's hard for me to respond to soemthing like this, because I'm afraid that the typed word will come across much differently than I intend. Please know that everything I say in response to your post is with the upmost respect and calm. :)

Obviously, you and I disagree. :) I don't think Guiliani was mocking Barack Obama's involvement as a community orgnaizer or that he thinks that faith-based orgs should be out (and I should tell you that I didn't watch RG's speech or your clip yet, so I'm just going off what you said about it in your post). I think his point was that THAT'S what Obama is using as his proof that he's ready to be president. And what exactly does "community organizer" mean? What/who did he organize, and why did they need organizing? (I'm not suggesting you answer those questions, I'm just making a point.) It just seems like it's not something that necessarily qualifies one to be president.

I've never heard a repub say that people who help other people are chumps. The point is, we want to have a CHOICE. You've heard this before, I'm sure. I don't want a large portion of my paycheck to go toward causes that I have no idea about or that I didn't choose. I don't want to have to worry about making ends meet because the gov't's decided that someone else or something else needs that money more. Obviously not enough people are giving towards causes that meet people's needs because there are still too many souls that don't have what they need. But the gov't should not step in and make that decision for us.

My best friend and I have had this same discussion a few times. Wego round and round and are still polar opposites on this, too. :)

KatieBug said...

I agree with Alli and I wanted to add that I think Giuliani talking about Barack Obama's experience as a community organizer was in response to people saying Palin was not experienced. She was a mayor and governor and I have heard his work as a community organizer only involved going door to door to hang fliers. It was hard to tell from that clip though because it didn't say what he said right before that. I could be wrong about why he said that. :)

Kate said...

Tim, that's what Ryan's been saying about abortion since I met him. And it's not like the last 8 years has been a concentrated attack on abortion rights. It pops up from time to time, usually in unusual and uncommon circumstances cases like late-term abortions. It gets people hot under the collar, but it doesn't change much. And it gets people thinking that their legislators care about the babies.

Kel- I can relate. In less than 2 months we can move into the adjusting to whoever won phase.

Alli- If you've seen the clip now (just a minute from C-SPAN without commentary of any kind), you'll see what I was saying. He was literally laughing:
"He worked as a community organizer. (haha) What?? (haha, cut to crowd laughing) He worked... he worked... Okay, maybe this is the first problem on the resume..." Yes, he was saying it in response to people saying that Palin isn't experienced enough. I'm open to that argument, if it's an argument, but this was derision. Giuliani didn't say that it was nice, but not enough. He said it was a "problem with his resume." Problem. And no, he didn't use the word "chump," but the only thing he said was that someone's community organizing experience doesn't count for anything.

I do understand not wanting the government to be taking money from me in taxes to spend wastefully and/or in ways that I disagree with. Hence, my not voting for a party that has a long history of taking my tax money and helping out corporations at the expense of ordinary citizens. I understand that I'm going to disagree with others about exactly what the country should be doing and that's okay.

KatieBug- you're right about why Giuliani was saying it. I didn't know if everyone wanted to listen to the whole speech again. The thing is that RG does know what "community organizing" Obama did. Maybe not every single nuanced detail, but he sure knows it was more than hanging fliers on doors. Here's a US News & World Report article on what Obama did. He worked in a housing project helping people get the help they needed by advocating and working together. Things like removing asbestos, getting jobs after steel mills jobs vanished. That sort of thing.

I could see the Republicans saying that it was a youthful exercise in saving the world, but "problem" on his resume? When he was 23, should he have been out partying with the "exotic dancer" like McCain? Fred Thompson had a lot to say about that and thought it was pretty funny. Did the Moral Majority fall asleep during that part of the speech?

I'm not looking to convince anyone here, it just bothers me, because this seems like such an activity that Republicans would trumpet. Look, a young person giving back, joining a church organization to help people help themselves. What could be more American than that? Oh wait, he's a Democrat so we're going to laugh at him for doing it. We won't say it was nice, but not good enough. We're going to lie and say all he did was hang fliers. Why can't they talk about what he really did? If it's such a strong argument, it should stand up.

Check out It checks facts on both parties.

Junebug said...

yeah, that Obama dude just gives me the willies...
but that is NOT one of the reasons i will not be voting for him.

btw, i'm still walking/running and doing the Wii Fit. it is fabulous for us "beginners."

AlaneM said...

I chickened out on commenting here until I saw your recent post thanking people - here's my two cents.

This election has been hard for me. I grew up in a very lib/dem home & as an adult have moved toward conserv/rep. I can clearly see both sides on many issues due to my background but must vote according to my convictions. (duh, like anyone is doing otherwise haha)
There is a lot I like about each ticket & a lot I dislike, I've seriously considered not voting for the first time because of this...I simply cannot get behind either of them completely.
I think a lot of the problem is that power corrupts. They say this & that & we all go yay but when they get in office everything changes.
For example, the senate has been 'reformed' by both parties. Each time the new party that is supposed to change the wicked ways comes in, they end up just as corrupted & the cycle starts all over again.
I tend to like Palin but I'm not happy with some things in her background - the police/ex bro-in-law thing, the firing of the whole council thing...
But I can't stand Biden so where does that put me?
Sometimes it just comes down to what sources you believe & what your convitions are.
But it's never an easy answer & there will always be high blood pressure over it.

zydeco fish said...

Is it just me, or did the Rep convention look very very white? I saw a few persons of colour, but it all looked very pasty to my eyes. Granted, I only watched for a few minutes here and there.