Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hunker down

Shoeaddict just texted me to make sure that we're prepared for Ike since she went through this recently. We shouldn't flood since we're very high, but we could get heavy winds and power outages. Ugh.

I followed that National Hurricane Center's supply kit with a few additions thanks to suggestions from friends who lived through the last storm that knocked out power for about 5 days.

Flashlights (two are AWOL--we're in a cleaning frenzy now, including laundry, so we'll locate them) and battery caddy thanks to Ryan's parents. Mounted on the wall in the closet under the downstairs. It's tiny, but the perfect place for all of this.
Elfa drawer unit, 8-3L bottles of water, cranberry juice, Diet Crack, bleach. (The tall skinny box is tracks from Ryan's granddad's train set)
Top drawer:
Soup, tuna, PB&J, nuts, dried fruit, crackers, fruit... I tried to get healthy snacks that weren't too salty. We also have stuff in the regular pantry that we can eat. I just went through this a few weeks ago to make sure that everything was "fresh."Middle drawer:
Sterno (that's just where it lives--we have gas and a charcoal grill), more batteries, walkie-talkies
Bottom drawer:
Paper towels, Kleenex, baby wipes for spit baths if we can't shower and we're hot and stinky, LED lamp
Not pictured:
- First aid kit that I went through and made sure was full and fresh
- LED lantern--that thing is so freaking cool!
- Mad Libs pads and game
- Other board and card games that we like to play because we're 78 years old
- Medications
- Charging phones now
- Cars full of gas should we need to go anywhere

I hope we have everything we need other than a generator that could run the whole house!

Anyone's who's been through this before and has advice on anything else we should have one hand...


KatieBug said...

You look super prepared! Be safe!!

shoeaddict said...

You seem prepared. You can't be really prepared for NO POWER though because it's AWFUL!! It's really windy hear now. I'm praying for you guys. Do you have a battery operated radio?

Please keep me updated.

Anonymous said...

There's always a bed for you guys here if you do decide to leave.
I think we're going to see hurricane Rita weather. 100+ degrees and not a cloud in the sky.

Kate said...

Thanks, KatieBug!

Shoeaddict, we do have a battery-operated radio. Trust me, the Radio King has that under control. I'm a little afraid of the wind and rain just because it sounds so awful. I think we have a few more hours until it gets bad. We already drugged the doggie. As for losing power, it will SUCK and I'm just hoping it doesn't happen. As long as I can, I'll update you.

Thanks, Tim! Maybe after if we don't have power we'll take you up on that offer.