Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Ike Update

He's coming. The wind has been picking up all day, but it's still pretty calm here. The sky is looking angrier and it's supposed to start raining and such around dinnertime. And then the storm center should be here around midnight, I think. Luckily, it's supposed to be fast-moving, which will mean less flooding than there could be.

We both woke up early and went running since our Saturday runs were canceled. Ryan ran 15 miles and I ran 8. There was a gentle breeze when I started and an I-was-just-kidding-you-baby breeze when I finished. When I got home, he had gotten more Coke products (regular, zero, diet) and was out getting bagels for breakfast. We then brought in all the things in our yard--the trees in pots, windowboxes, grill, etc. Then we washed everything that needed washing--laundry and dishes. And filled the downstairs bathtub.

And then I gave the dog some Benadryl. At 10AM she was freaking out. Freaking. Out. Since then she's been sleeping. Ryan's been sleeping, too, which is unusual. And good because I doubt he'll sleep much tonight. Or me. I'm kind of nervous about it. I love moderate thunderstorms, but once it starts knocking the power out, I get freaked out.

I also don't want to deal with the power being out. Waaaa. We have a radio and lamps and all that and games, but no battery-operated fan. That will suck.

So, the blue/hazy sky from this morning which got really cloudy at lunchtime is looking uglier. We've had a few raindrops, but it's still quiet. I'll update as I can.


shoeaddict said...

I am wondering- what is the difference between Diet Coke and Coke Zero?

I hope you don't lose power but I'm a'feared that you just might!! I hope that you're as lucky as we have been in the damage department (NONE). Also, we had little rain in our area for Gustav, but OHGOOODGOD the wind.

Thinking of you and Ryan and Tilly.

PS- Layla Lu was freaking out too. So were Gigette and Fred (mom's dogs). The last two got benadryl but LL didn't. I think she had a reaction last time at the vet.

Alli said...

Take care. I'm hoping we don't deal with power outages, too, but mainly because I don't want to deal with a stuffy house. (On a side note, I saw a woman at Walmart yesterday with 2 box fans in her cart...I was thinking "Oh that's a good idea if the power goes out!" Then common sense smacked me!)

Be safe. It sounds like you're prepared. ANd it looks like you'll be able to post from your phone. That's cool. You can live blog Ike!:)

We're praying for you all, too. {{hugs}}

Kate said...

Shoeaddict, I was just going to email you to tell me to calm down. As in, whatever happens will happen, so quit freaking while I wait. We don't have trees nearby and the dude next door cut his bamboo, so... Bleh.

I'm pretty resigned to losing power. Hopefully we're central enough that they'll restore it soon. I just figured out how to post from my phone, which is cool--assuming the cell service is intact.

I have no idea what the wind will be like here. That scares me.

Kate said...

Thanks so much, Alli! And we'll be praying for you with your full house. I'm thinking you can't drug your boys like we drugged my dog. ;) Poor munchkins. I don't know how they are with bad storms, but I'll pray for them not to be scared.

Kate said...

Oh, and Ryan says the difference between Coke Zero and Diet Coke is flavor. I think zero tastes more like the real stuff, although I try to drink it so infrequently that I drink the big bad real stuff.

kel said...

I don't like coke zero, because it does taste a lot more like real coke, and I'm so used to diet that anything else just tastes wrong.

shoeaddict said...

I don't like the taste of real Coke either. I never have drank it so that is why. When I drank real drink it was Dr Pepper and then I switched to Diet Coke after high school.

I drink a lot of Sprite now. Sprite Zero, actually.