Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lather rinse repeat

That's what I did today. And scrubbed. Ah. So nice.

We drove to Austin today for some time with my brother, his wife, and Stella. And a/c. And a bed with sheets that aren't sweat-soaked and no a/c and no power... Waaa, I know. Only minor damage at our house. Minor. I'll post pictures tomorrow before we go back home. Hopefully we'll have power, but it will be cool. One of the newscasters said it was the most significant cool front in the history of Houston (paraphrase) and all I can say is amen.

Thanks for all of the kinds thoughts and messages and prayers. Hopefully I'll be able to respond and everything when we get back. It did help a lot to know that my texts were going out there where you could read them even if I couldn't get your responses.

And now I must go get into a bed that is cool and clean.

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shoeaddict said...

Yeah for baths and clean sheets!