Saturday, September 13, 2008

Multimedia message

Everyone in Houston awake. Radio news says this is worst. Water seeping in under doors b/c of wind. Windows ok so far. Ryan? Comatose.


shoeaddict said...

Checking in on you... Sorry that you lost power and that you couldn't sleep.

The wind here was pretty bad. It was so bad that I woke up! It's been howling all day and night. Our screen door and a few screens are broken from Gustav.

I hope you don't get any damage. I wish you could sleep through this like Ryan.

kel said...

Ick. Water's seeping in? At least you don't hang out on your first floor too much right now.

Kate said...

Shoeaddict, the wind was the worst. I didn't sleep that night, but I dozed during the day and the next night.

Kel, I was terrified that all my books were piled on the floor down there. I considered bringing them upstairs but I was still terrified that the window would blow out upstairs. And then I decided I had to not freak about it. That's what insurance is for. But glad I don't have to deal with it. =)