Sunday, September 07, 2008

Trying to cook more than chicken, rice, and brocolli

Last night I made baby egg rolls with soy sesame dipping sauce. I found it in one of my cookbooks, but it's on the Food Network website, too. I love Sara Moulton.

It was easier than I expected. Preparing the filling took more time than it would when I do it again because I was really scattered. I do need some remedial wonton wrapper instruction to make them pretty, but I did make them passable. Ryan thought they were fantastic and we both thought that they were delicious, including the dipping sauce.

Tonight I'm making Gale Gand's root beer parfaits. Working on the granita part now. We don't have ice trays and we don't have a food processor (the only, and I mean, only kitchen gadget we don't have), so I'm doing it old-school with a dish in the freezer. I was thinking what a bad idea it was as I wrestled an open Pyrex dish of root beer into the freezer with the door that doesn't open all the way, so I have to tip the pan. No spills. Yet. Wish me luck.


KatieBug said...

Everybody love parfait!! :)

kel said...

Ain't nobody don't love parfait! You ever hear anybody say, I don't want no damn parfait! :)

shoeaddict said...

i was thinking the SAME thing, kel!! i looooove that part and crack up laughing everytime i hear it. crack.up.

i wish i had lots of kitchen gadgets- i have nothing fun, but i do have a food processor.

Lainey-Paney said...

those little dipping rolls sound YUMMY!