Sunday, September 14, 2008

We wanted to go to Austin for company & a/c but it's raining again. Has been for hours so flooding. We don't fool w

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shoeaddict said...

You don't want your car to flood?
I wish you would've gone to Austin ahead of time but I guess hindsight is 20/20.

I hope you are doing okay. Or as okay as you can be doing...

Mary said...

Is he pregnant? Totally sounds like me! I've been sweating non-stop since March. It's too hot. Just too darn hot.

Kate said...

Shoeaddict, unfortunately our area was under a shelter in place (aka "hunker down") order. We were supposed to stay and leave the roads and gas to the people from the coastal areas. No one wanted a repeat of what happened during Hurricane Rita. Sucks for us, but we didn't have feet of water in our house, so you suck it up.

Mary, maybe so. ;) Seriously, I am so sorry. That must be dreadful!

shoeaddict said...

Ahhhh, gotcha!