Sunday, October 12, 2008

Blah blah

Running is going pretty well. I'm getting to the point where it's not such a struggle to get started. We ran 12.4 miles yesterday morning. Ugh. I did really well with 10 miles last week, but yesterday was hard. I was just so tired and angry. Everyone was annoying me. We were supposed to be extra quiet as we ran through my neighborhood and only run two abreast. The freaking program director told us that as we were on the street, so my coach was shouting as she was part of a freaking phalanx of four people (it's a very narrow street). WTF is wrong with people? I said something, other people said something, but still... do they not care because they think people who complain about loud runners at 5-a-frickin-clock in the morning are slackers who shouldn't still be in bed? Or are they just that clueless and stupid? In summary, my group needs to SHUT UP and not hog the whole street or sidewalk.

I suppose at least they weren't as bad as the other (unrelated to us) group last year with a COW BELL in a residential area on a Saturday morning. My friend shut them down, but really, come on. What is wrong with people?

I drank all my fluids (water and Gatorade Endurance), ate my Gu packets (mint chocolate--like melted Junior Mints) and Sport Beans (Jelly Belly jelly beans!!), but I still felt like crap. At about 10 miles I started really running out of gas. My knees and my hips hurt like crazy. Picking up my feet was taking so much effort. My coach and I dragged ourselves across the finish line. I know that over 12 miles is enough to not feel badly about being so tired you want to cry, but I'm training to run 13.1 Yes, that's not much more than a half mile more than I ran.

I'm really worried about running a half marathon in Ryan's home town. It's still in the plan and it should be in a few weeks. I will be running alone. I do not do well running alone unless I have music. Music is usually prohibited because it's dangerous to be in a huge crush of people and not be aware. So, I'll have to find people who run at about my pace. Ugh. I'm not looking forward to it, but I want to have done it.

Yesterday, we went out for breakfast and then we came home and showered. I had salt flakes on my forehead and shoulders and upper arms. Salt flakes. I'd seen it on other people, but not on me. That could be a partial explanation for why I felt so rotten. I have to be extra careful about hydration and keeping enough electrolytes in my system because of my meds. So, I drank more Gatorade and water and chicken soup for lunch with extra salt (it was low-fat, low-sodium). I might have even stuck my finger in the salt container. Maybe. I'm confirming nothing.

We watched the OU-Texas game and that was frustrating for Ryan. Michigan State won their game. =) We went to Chuy's for dinner and drowned our sorrows in creamy jalapeno sauce. Yummy! We were back home and in bed before 10.

7:30 Mass this morning. I sang, but not terribly well. I made the mistake of wearing heels because I had amnesia about what I did yesterday. Afterward, we went to Central Market and ran into three people we know. It was nice and uncrowded. Then we came home and ate breakfast. I am exhausted and all I want to do is sleep. I have papers to grade, though. Many, many papers...


dmd said...

If a group of people ran past my window at 5am with a cowbell, i'd have waterballoons and a marshmallow shooter waiting for them the next week. If it happened a 3rd time, I'd Crisco the sidewalk. Just saying.

Kate said...

That's awesome! I would've just done something effective like yelling or throwing heavy things. Your response has more creativity and style.

Lainey-Paney said...

WTF are salt flakes????????????
you sweat out so much salt that it makes flakes on your skin? what?

Kate said...

Lainey-Painey, gross, but true. It was the salt from my sweat. It looked like I took a salt shaker and shook it on me. There are some truly vile aspects to long-distance running! Luckily for most people, this is somewhat rare and it's the first time it happened to me.

Julie said...

Tell Ryan Tim and I are totally NOT gloating. Really, not one wee little bit;)

And in our defense, we once got together on the OU game day when the outcome was different and there was much gloating coming from his side. So it's our turn!

Ryan said...

You can run with your iPod in the Tulsa Half Marathon.

Caroline said...

Try not to worry about a hard run. It doesn't mean that 13.1 won't be easy-peasy on the day. Sometimes a 3-mile run can be the longest you've ever done. I know you know all this, but I thought I'd say it anyway. Good job!


Kate said...

Thanks, Caroline! That really does help. Six miles today was hard, but we ran much faster than normal and it still didn't feel as bad as last week.

I was also panicked about running long distances again and I'm feeling better now. =)

Kate said...

Julie, Ryan deserves a little UT crowing. Totally. =)

shoeaddict said...

I wanna be able to run! It's my goal... Right now, I'm power walking and doing a slight jog thing.

My mantra- "If they (ANYONE- all the people who are doing it) can do it, I can do it"

I think that you are awesome. You will be great and I'm proud of you.